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Proposals for NFL realignment: A new WCG series

The old adage says, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." We can't say if the current NFL divisional alignment is necessarily broken, but we will go ahead and try to fix it anyways.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Given the recent news made by the NHL about their proposed realignment, as well as a discussion in this morning's Bears Den, I got to thinking. If so many others can come up with their own fanciful alignments of NFL teams, well, by gosh, why can't I?

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That brings us to a new upcoming series at WCG, where for the next month or so, we'll be profiling two different ideas, possibly with a bonus third option if you're all so inclined to have kept reading.

Idea #1: As you may have noticed, the NFL, as currently constructed, consists of two conferences, with four divisions each, four teams in each division.

This will maintain that structure, but realign the teams in what might be a more compelling, entertaining, and logistically efficient method.

Idea #2: This idea is a little more radical. It involves scaling back to four divisions, with 8 teams in each division. There's also another wrinkle that we'll throw in there, but you'll see it when we get there.

Bonus idea (highlight for clue):2 conferences only. Say whaaa!?

Now, the idea is that this will also be community driven. Any ideas you have based on the items you've seen? Throw them in the comments--I'll work to try and include them. Hate it the new ideas? Tell us why, but for heaven's sake, come up with a reason of your own.

So for the forseeable future, Tuesday and Thursdays around 3pmish CT will be where you'll see this. It should be a fun group project. What do you think?