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2013 NFL Draft: Wide Receivers

The 2013 NFL draft is often referred to as lacking star power, but being a pretty deep draft - kind of how the wide receiver position shapes up. Tavon Austin is a big name connected to the Bears, but is he the only receiver for the Bears in your mind?

Ronald Martinez

The wide receiver position for the Bears is missing a true speed/deep threat. Johnny Knox could have been that guy, but after being collapsed like a tent after a week of camping with rowdy six-year-olds, his career is in jeopardy. Devin Hester could have been that guy, but the wide receiver position just couldn't agree with him. And with Brandon Marshall, Earl Bennett and last year's second round pick Alshon Jeffery, the Bears need somebody with speed to blow the top off a defense.

So who's available in this year's draft that could fill that role? Here's the top three rounds of wide receiver possibilities from this year's draft...

Round 1 Consideration: Keenan Allen, California | Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee | DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson | Tavon Austin, West Virginia | Justin Hunter, Tennessee | Da'Rick Rogers, Tennessee Tech

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Round 2 Consideration: Terrance Williams, Baylor | Robert Woods, USC | Stedman Bailey, West Virginia | Quinton Patton, Louisiana Tech | Markus Wheaton, Oregon State | Cobi Hamilton, Arkansas

Round 3 Consideration: Kenny Stills, Oklahoma | Marquess Wilson, Washington State | Ace Sanders, South Carolina | Aaron Mellette, Elon | Tyan Swope, Texas A&M | Marcus Davis, Virginia Tech

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As mentioned above, Tavon Austin's been a big name connected with the team; Ace Sanders is also another fast returner type that might bring some speed and receiving skill to the Bears - a Devin Hester that's actually played receiver in college, if you will.

Who are some other guys you're keeping an eye on in this year's draft?