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2013 NFL Draft: Oklahoma LB Tom Wort

We turn our attention deeper in the draft - like deep deep. Tom Wort isn't the highest-rated linebacker in the draft, far from it, but could he help the Bears late in the draft?


We've discussed the need for the Bears to get younger at the linebacker position, and we've gone over the usual suspects of first or second-round draft picks. This time, we'll look at later-round option Tom Wort out of Oklahoma, a middle linebacker who needed to have a good junior year to improve his draft stock but had difficulty in Mike Stoops' defensive system. He was often pulled off the field in defensive sets facing four receivers.

When Wort's on the field, however, he's at his best when he allows his aggressive athleticism to drive his play; he's not a physical, in-the-muddle linebacker, but when allowed space, he's able to make plays behind the line of scrimmage. He's not much of a coverage linebacker, executing better off the blitz and able to accelerate to the ball.

CBS and NFL Draft Scout currently list him as the 19th linebacker, 437th overall prospect and as such undrafted. WalterFootball lists him as the 9th interior linebacker and a potential fourth-through-sixth round projection. He's a day three prospect for sure, but if the Bears aren't able to find a linebacker they like at the top of the draft, Wort might be an option later in the draft.

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