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2013 NFL Draft: Defensive Tackles

Our positional breakdowns are moving to the defensive tackle position, as the "Best Player Available" philosophy covers all positions.

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We're starting to get into positions of not-much-need, aren't we? As our positional Draft analysis rolls on, we'll take a look at the draft's defensive tackles - and this coming on the heels of Henry Melton being tagged and agreeing to sign his tag. Don't forget to click around for the other positions we've covered:

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So why might the Bears look at the defensive tackle position? Well, aside from Melton, the Bears don't have much proven depth at the position. Stephen Paea, the 2011 second-round pick, hasn't performed badly, but Matt Toeaina found himself inactive for much of the season, Amobi Okoye's expected to test the market, and I'll admit that despite Nate Collins' decent performances, I'm not sure I'd proclaim him a piece going forward. Collins could stay for a couple years, but beyond that, the Bears could use another young body as a third tackle behind Melton and Paea.

Who might some of these players be? Let's take a look...

First Round Consideration: Star Lotulelei, Utah | Sharrif Floyd, Florida | Sheldon Richardson, Missouri | Jonathan Hankins, Ohio State | Jonathan Jenkins, Georgia | Kawann Short, Purdue | Sylvester Williams, North Carolina | Bennie Logan, LSU

Second Round Consideration: Jesse Williams, Alabama | Brandon Williams, Missouri Southern

Third Round Consideration: Jordan Hill, Penn State | Kwame Geathers, Georgia | Akeem Spence, Illinois

That's a lot of top-round names, and there's certainly a possibility one of those latter names could drop down to them in the second. If a Sylvester Williams is there in the second, do the Bears pass? If Akeem Spence drops to the Bears in the fourth, do they take him? It's not a "first round" need by any means, unless maybe Lotulelei has some legal trouble between now and the draft and falls to 20, but the Bears might still find a useful player there.

Are there any defensive tackles you might be interested in in this year's draft?

Other positions we've covered: WR | Safety | LB | Interior OL | OT | TE