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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

There's never an off season with the NFL. From the actual season, to OTAs, training camps, the draft, free agency, Black Monday, the NFL is truly a year round entity, and that's why we always have some Thoughts for you. Be sure to chime in with what ever football Thoughts you've had the last week in the comment section.

Ronald Martinez

1) Rumor has the Arizona Cardinals with serious interest in acquiring Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer, and I really don't see the point. The Cardinals have had horrendous QB play the past few years, so I think they just need to take a chance and draft a kid at #7 overall.

2) New Raider QB Matt Flynn sure is in demand for a guy with two career starts. To be fair, they were very good starts. In 2011, his lone game saw him go 31/44, 480 yards, and 6 TD. His 2010 start was a pedestrian by comparison, with a mere 24/37, 251 yards, and 3 TD.

3) Tony Romo had 6 years and $108 million dollars added to his contract. I'm not as down on his play as some are, but that is a lot of money. On a related topic, has Dallas owner Jerry Jones become the new Al Davis?

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4) It wasn't my intention to be so QB heavy with my Thoughts, but the Buffalo Bills signing Kevin Kolb tells me that they are going to draft a QB in the first round. I never understood what some scouts/teams saw in Kolb.

5) OK, one more QB Thought... If I'm Alex Smith, I'm not concerned about the news that the Kansas City Chiefs will be meeting with top QB prospect Geno Smith. Alex Smith is the man in K.C.until he proves otherwise. The Chiefs are just blowing some smoke. And for the record, I think Geno will make a very good pro.

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6) That Darrelle Revis trade really came out of nowhere.

7) The Miami Dolphins signed former Chicago Bears guard Lance Louis to a $1,603,750 deal. No wonder the Bears decided to go in another direction. That's a lot on money to pay an average player that tore his ACL five months ago.

8) And in other former Bears O-linemen news, the St. Louis Rams re-signed Chris Williams to a one year deal worth up to $2.75 million. I'm still waiting on confirmation whether this is an April's Fool joke or not.

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9) I was surprised at first when Chicago G.M. Phil Emery hired Jerry Angelo as a draft consultant, but his logic does makes sense.

I've known Jerry for a long time, we've worked together in the past, and even though his geniusness left a lot to be desired while running the Chicago Bears, I think we can all agree that he knows defensive line talent when he sees it. That's why we decided to bring him on in a consulting capacity, to aid us in our search for good young defensive linemen in this months draft.

10) Last week at the LSU pro day, inside linebacker Kevin Minter created some buzz with his workout, and may be the safest ILB pick in the draft. Or as Jerry Angelo would put it, he has a high floor. Depending on how the draft falls, this could be the pick for the Bears.