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OSS: Sackboy (Henry Melton)

Surprisingly, this is the first time that Henry Melton has made his way into an OSS.

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Sackboy, the main protagonist from the popular playstation game series, 'Little Big Planet', is a highly customizable character made out of fabric. As I have yet to break down and get a PS3, I have to admit that I have not played this game. Granted, this and 'God of War' are the two game series that almost convinced me to pull out the wallet.

In 2012, Henry Melton recorded a 32 tackles and 6 sacks, and ended up being franchised by the Bears this off-season. I can't make any promises, but we may see more of the SackBoys or "Sack Men" (as Marinelli referred to them) make an appearance in the future.

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