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NFL Draft: Chicago Bears Best / Worst pick of all time

Who do you peg as the greatest draft pick of all time for our beloved Chicago Bears. And conversely, who dost thou tab as the worst draft pick of all time?

Jason Miller

Larry Mayer, who every good Chicago Bears fan should know from his work at the Bears dot com, has compiled a list of the very best and the very worst draft picks that have been made through the years by our great team.

He compiled said list on the as a part of their running series looking at all the teams best/worst draft picks.

While we absolutely love the "best" Chicago Bears players he listed, we disagree with lumping three of his five in the "best" draft picks category. In our humble opinion, a player picked in the top 10 of the NFL draft should be damn good, if not great.

We expected these three fellas to kick ass while members of our Bears, Brian Urlacher (9th overall), Dan Hampton (4th overall), and Walter Payton (4th overall). Calling them "best" draft pics of all time just seems superfluous.

He lists 2nd rounder, and Hall Of Famer, Mike Singletary on his list, and we'll allow it. Snagging a Hall worthy player in the 2nd was pretty neat.

He also lists the Colonel, aka the Sackman, Richard Dent, and we wholeheartedly endorse this inclusion. Dent was an 8th round draft pick that went on to four Pro Bowls, a SBXX MVP, and the Hall Of Fame.

Kudos on that pick LM, but where are these other Chicago Bears my friend?

  • Danny Fortmann, 1936 9th round draft pick, and Hall Of Famer.
  • George Blanda, 12th round draft pick in 1949, and Hall Of Famer.
  • Stan Jones, 5th rounder, and HoF'er from the 1953 draft class.
  • Ed O'Bradovich, 7th rounder from 1962 that is legendary for his passion and fire on WSCR.
  • Doug Plank, a 12th rounder from 1975 who was the inspiration for the "46 defense"
  • That Kool Aid drinking former Monster of the Midday, and current Comcast Bears analyst Dan Jiggets, who was a 6th rounder in 1976.
  • Patrick Mannelly, 1998 6th round pick, who is an unquestioned Chicago Icon.

I'm sure we missed a few "best" Bears draft picks, so who else do you guys put in that list?

And over on to LMs worst list. Yea, those guys all suck. Even though we have a special place in our Hearts for all our Navy And Orange brethren, those especially crappy five that LM listed resides in the place in our Hearts that contain, or at one time contained, blockage.