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Happy Jay Cutler Day!

It was four years ago today that Jerry Angelo traded for Jay Cutler.

Matthew Stockman

Four years ago today, former Chicago Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo traded for Jay Cutler.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Four years ago today, <a href="">#Bears</a> traded Kyle Orton, two 1st-round draft picks &amp; a 3rd-round choice to Denver for Jay Cutler &amp; a 5th-round pick.</p>&mdash; Zach Zaidman (@ZachZaidman) <a href="">April 2, 2013</a></blockquote>
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That trade did more than simply bring a Pro Bowl talent to the Chicago Bears, it also sparked a war of words between Bears fans and Denver Broncos fans. "We won the trade!"

Most Bears fans were ecstatic to have someone who was actually an established player under center. Someone that gave fans hope, unlike the clown car of quarterbacks that we've seen through the years. Just off the top of my head, P.T. Willis, Will Furrer, Steve Stenstrom, Moses Moreno, Jonathan Quinn, Craig Krenzel, Cade McNown, Chad Hutchinson, Kordell Stewart, and Henry Burris.

Jay Cutler is a difficult character, he has his flaws, but to be fair, he's played in some flawed offenses in Chicago. This year there are no excuses for Jay. An offensive minded head coach, a revamped o-line, and a new tight end, to go along with the pieces returning from last year. I'm excited to see how the 2013 season plays out.

I'm sure you remember exactly where you were when news of the trade broke. I was on the train coming home from work when my phone started blowing up with news of the trade. Let us know where you were when the news broke.

Here's the WCG article from the day the trade went down. Breaking News: Bears Get Cutler AND Pace!

And here's a recent one about Jay, After Romo's and Flacco's Deals, the Stakes are Raised for Jay Cutler