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2013 NFL Draft: Florida LB Jon Bostic

In the last weekend before the draft, our profiles turn to linebacker Jon Bostic. Is he a target of interest in the third or fourth round?

Sam Greenwood

With the one-year deals extended to DJ Williams and James Anderson to be the probable starters for the Bears in 2013 at middle and strong-side linebacker, the Bears aren't under a lot of pressure to find a linebacker to come in and start immediately from the draft. And if they're interested in Jonathan Bostic, the Florida linebacker and successor to Brandon Spikes, Bostic might be a player served by a year of development.

Bostic's a tad on the undersized side but at 6'1", 245, it's not a lot - he plays like he's bigger, which is a blessing and a curse in a way. He hits hard and fills run lanes well, but his quickness lacks and he can be outrun by speedy-enough ballcarriers. At Florida, he was known for making sure his teammates were in their proper places.

CBS ranks Bostic as the fifth interior linebacker and 124th prospect overall, a fourth-round pick. WalterFootball concurs on the fifth interior linebacker ranking, also marking him as a third-to-fourth round prospect.

Does Jon Bostic do anything for you in the middle rounds? What would the Bears have to do in the early rounds to make this a good pick?