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Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher highlights

With a career that spanned so many years, it's impossible to make a definitive highlight reel, but this is good.

Jamie Squire

Remember the 2000 NFL Draft? Among those selected include LaVar Arrington, Plaxico Burress, John Abraham, Shaun Alexander, and Tom Brady.

The Chicago Bears managed to snag Brian Urlacher in the first round (9th overall) and Mike Brown in the second (39th). Not a bad haul.

Peter King gave the Bears a 'C' grade, stating "Brian Urlacher had better be great. I keep getting a feeling that he might be 80 percent player, 20 percent shoot-up-the-chart myth."

Urlacher was drafted the year before Jerry Angelo was hired as General Manager, and immediately grabbed a hold of that locker room and set the tone for the next 13 seasons. All things come to an end, especially when money becomes an issue. The league is, after all, a business before a game.

There have been many magical moments between Brian Urlacher and the city of Chicago... One that could be easily summed up in a Monday Night Football game versus the Arizona Cardinals. You know the game. The one where Urlacher transcended greatness and amassed 19 tackles and took control of a game where quarterback Rex Grossman took the field as Bad Rex.

Most will remember that as Dennis Green's meltdown, but Bears fans will remember that as the night Brian Urlacher took matters into his own hands.

For a few more highlights, here is another video. Enjoy...