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2013 NFL Draft Predictions: Chicago Bears 2nd round prediction contest

We want your prediction on who the Chicago Bears will draft in the 2nd round with the 50th overall selection. Winner will receive a plethora* of Windy City Gridiron prizes.


We are just one day away from the NFL Draft. Round one kicks off tomorrow night, and round two will get rolling Friday. We've discussed at length, whom the Chicago Bears might select in the first round, so today we'll mix it up.

Today we want you to predict who the Bears will take in the 2nd round with the 50th pick. If the Bears end up trading that pick away, then your prediction will be for the pick that is closest to the 50th overall selection. For example, if the Bears use the 50th pick in a package and somehow end up with the 45th overall pick and the 60th overall pick, then your prediction will revert to the 45th pick. Got it? Good.

If we have multiple Windy City Gridiron members guessing correctly, only the first to make the pick will be declared the winner. Even though I'll be making a prediction, I'm not eligible for the fantastic* prize package.

The winner will receive the following:

  • I will personally go in the comment thread and rec your comment.
  • I will personally ask the other WCG writers to rec your comment.
  • I will personally tweet (@wiltfongjr) out your name and/or twitter handle along with the following text "(Insert name here) is the WCG 2nd round Chicago Bears NFL Draft prediction champion!!!"
  • Kev may or may not give you a free pass the next time he contemplates using his ban hammer on you.
  • There could be a peppermint in your future.

My prediction is cornerback Robert Alford from Southeastern Louisiana. He's 5'10", 188 pounds, with a 4.39 forty and a 40 inch vertical. His stellar play at the Senior Bowl shot him up draft boards, he had a wonderful NFL combine, and scouts liked his pro day as well.

* "plethora" and "fantastic" are left to our discretion.