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Chicago Bears second day NFL Draft targets

The Bears addressed one of the weakest areas on the team in the first round, and with a bevy of expected first-round picks falling to the second, this is shaping up to be a deep and strange draft.

Why is the teleprompter on the ceiling?
Why is the teleprompter on the ceiling?
Al Bello

Well, the only thing I'm going to say about last night from Chicago's perspective is that the Bears very likely won't be picking a guard with the 50th pick in the NFL Draft after selecting Kyle Long. Otherwise, it was a strange first round, with E.J. Manuel being the only quarterback selected, yet four guards (and a center) were selected. The Vikings ended the night with three first round picks, the Patriots received their biannual trade down haul, and no running backs were taken in round one for the first time since 1963.

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Tonight we get the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft, with the Bears selecting 50th overall and that's it barring a trade due to the Brandon Marshall acquisition (I think we're all okay with that). The second round draft order can be found here via the mothership, And SB Nation even has a second round mock draft up! Someone didn't go to bed last night.

Since the Bears are only picking once, below I'll list twenty guys I see as viable targets at fifty, with my top ten bolded. With so many players sliding out of the first round, it's likely someone the Bears covet may be available in the mid-to-late third round despite a first or second round projection. As for the mock draft mentioned above, SB Nation has the Bears selecting Manti T'eo, which I thought was crazy before yesterdays surprising first round.

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At this point I think every guy available is a possibility at fifty. Few though Geno Smith would slide out of the first round, so I'm not going to assume he's definitely picked before the Bears (although I think he goes in the first three picks today). My top twenty below is adjusted for the Bears needs and wants, but if you think I missed someone hit up the comments section with who you want to see the Bears pick at fifty or would love to trade up for in the third. And, if you want to complain about the Long pick, sent it to the Bears' complaint department.

Bears Available Players - Offense

Geno Smith QB, West Virginia

Matt Barkley QB, USC

Ryan Nassib QB, Syracuse

Robert Woods WR, USC

Justin Hunter WR Tenn

Zach Ertz TE, Stanford

Gavin Escobar TE, San Diego St

Brian Schwenke C, Cal

Barrett Jones C, Alabama (likely third round target)

Bears Available Players - Defense

Tank Carradine DE, Florida State

Margus Hunt DE, SMU

Johnathan Hankins DT, Ohio State

Kawann Short DT, Purdue

Jesse Williams DT, Alabama

Arthur Brown MLB, Kansas State

Manti Te'o MLB, Notre Dame

Kevin Minter MLB LSU

Khaseem Greene OLB, Rutgers

Jamar Taylor, CB Boise State

Johnthan Banks CB, Miss. St

My personal top three for the 50th pick doesn't include Geno, because I don't see how he lasts that long, but I would be extremely happy with T'eo, Brown, or Ertz at fifty (if they last). At least if we learned anything from last year, Emery may surprise in the first round, but he makes a solid second round pick.