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2013 NFL Draft: Day Two Recap

The Bears picked up linebacker Jon Bostic with the 50th overall pick, and the rest of the league had plenty of interesting picks themselves; we're recapping another busy day in the 2013 NFL Draft.


Day two of the NFL Draft is in the books, and the Bears went to the other side of the ball, drafting Florida linebacker Jonathan Bostic with the 50th overall pick. Honestly, Bostic isn't ideal for me, but he might be ideal for the Bears. He's under no pressure to start immediately and can fill in at all three spots, though his best fit would probably be at the outside. If he can hold down one of the outside 'backer spots in 2014, I won't complain - Bostic can play.

But there's a lot else that happened today, so let's bring in a few highlights.

The Bears' pick of Bostic is largely highlighted by a mini-linebacker run, as Manti Te'o came off the board early in the round when San Diego traded up for him (after the Bengals traded up for Giovani Bernard). Kevin Minter and Kiko Alonso came off at 45 and 46, and the Bears picked up Bostic at 50. Arthur Brown came off at 56 to Baltimore

Geno Smith lasted all the way to pick 39 and the Jets, which creates just a muck of a situation at an already mucked up situation. Mike Glennon was the next quarterback off at 73, and that's the most recent one. Three quarterbacks are off with Ryan Nassib and Matt Barkley still hanging around into the third day.

The Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu, came off the board at Arizona's pick 69, pairing him up with Patrick Peterson in a pretty good Arizona defense; not a bad fit.

How many pass rushers can one team stock up, San Francisco? Sheesh.

If you're looking for the full draft tables, here's the second round table and here's the third round table.

Overall, this is falling out to be a really interesting draft, and tomorrow's four rounds should be just as riveting. The Bears have three picks, so we'll see where they turn next.