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2013 Chicago Bears Undrafted Free Agents

There's still plenty of college talent floating around after the draft, and teams are bringing that talent in. Who are the Bears bringing in? Who do you want to see them land?


Moments after the draft ended, teams are already out signing players that didn't get drafted, and the Bears are no exception.

SB Nation's Dan Kadar has a pretty good list of who he believes are the top talents in undrafted free agency, and that's for you right here. In the meantime, if you're looking for someone to sign or a list of who has signed, keep in mind that there are a lot of fake tweets and false information going around at this time, as well as players committing to one team only to sign with another, so take UDFA signings with a grain of salt for now.

SB Nation's own UDFA Tracker has the Bears picking up wide receiver Mark Harrison from Rutgers, receiver Josh Lenz from Iowa State, and defensive tackles Zach Minter from Montana State and Brent Russell from Georgia Southern.

NEPD corroborates Lenz and Harrison, but also lists punter Tress Way, which I can't find anywhere else, so, eh. They also list Michael Ford (LSU RB) and PJ Lonegran (LSU C), as SBN does now. And Jason Madson of KCChiefsDraft has the Bears picking up Damontre Hurst, but so far I haven't found a second corroboration.

Minter at least has some good corroboration:

And Lenz seems excited enough about his opportunity (pending, of course, that being a real account...).

Now, I know Tyler Bray hasn't been picked up yet, and that's kind of stunning for his talent, but I guess this is a good reason a guy went undrafted:

So, given who the Bears are reported to have signed, who do you think the Bears can add to this?