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2013 Chicago Bears NFL Draft Recap

The Bears had an eventful three days. How did they wrap up the draft? Your one-stop reference for the Chicago Bears' 2013 NFL Draft.

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The Bears' 2013 NFL Draft added a bunch of players who are, at minimum, useful players, and could be a cornerstone draft to the building of future editions of the Chicago Bears. Let's go over the Bears' draft this year and mark down the picks as they happened.

The Bears started by picking up Kyle Long in the first round. This was a pick that had some scratching their head initially, but in the end, it makes sense. Offensive linemen were flying off the board (Long was the 8th lineman in 20 picks), and given the one-year "patch" deals the Bears have in place, Long doesn't have to (but will) start next season. More importantly, he'll develop to provide one piece of what should be a sturdy offensive line in the future.

The second round led to the picking of Jonathan Bostic, with Arthur Brown still on the board. Bostic will provide at least competition for D. J. Williams and James Anderson in his first year, and again, is a piece for the linebacking corps future.

With no third round pick, the fourth round added another linebacker, Khaseem Greene. Greene's rangy enough to play the middle in coverages, and with Bostic's ability to play the run, the two could establish in Mel Tucker's defense. They'll be around longer than Anderson and Williams, and Briggs may be on his way out in a couple years.

In the fifth round, the Bears traded down ten picks with the Falcons to pick up a late seventh-round pick, and picked up Jordan Mills. Mills is a power tackle who, with a good camp, might have "start now" ability at right tackle if Gabe Carimi and J'Marcus Webb falter.

The sixth round saw the Bears pick up Cornelius Washington, a defensive end with some very good pass-rushing skills who fell because of a 2011 DUI. He should push for playing time behind Julius Peppers, Corey Wootton, and Shea McClellin.

And in the seventh round, the Bears picked up one of the ultimate character concern lottery tickets in Marquess Wilson, a very talented receiver who walked out on his team and claimed the coach, Mike Leach, abused the team, an allegation he later recanted. But if he's matured a little and this is behind him, the Bears got themselves a good one.

So, if you're keeping score, that's two possible starting offensive linemen, possibly two starting linebackers, and two good value picks. This could turn out to be a very good draft for the Bears in a year or two.