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Windy City Gridiron Grades the Bears' 2013 NFL Draft and Undrafted Free Agency Update

We'll show you how you graded each of the picks, but did the draft grade better than the sum of its parts? Why don't you tell us? We also share the latest in undrafted free agency.


About four hours ago, we shared just a few of the draft grades and opinions scattered around the Interwebs about the players the Bears just drafted. But we figured you guys have as much of a voice as they do.

At the bottom of each pick's announcement post, we attached a poll asking you to grade the individual picks. Now, we're going to show you how those polls went to determine the WCG draft grade.

Round 1 - Kyle Long - B, 34% - C, 25%; A, 17%; D, 13%; F, 9%

I was amused. Given the initial reaction, I thought this would be much lower.

Round 2 - Jonathan Bostic, LB - B, 45% - C, 27%; A, 16%; D, 6%; F, 4%

1255 votes were cast for this one as opposed to the 2647 cast for Long.

Round 4 - Khaseem Greene, LB - A, 52% - B, 34%; C, 9%; D, 1%; F, 0%

Only 6 "F" votes out of the 720 votes.

Round 5 - Jordan Mills, OT - B, 47% - A, 25%; C, 22%; D, 3%; F, 1%

I think this one might have been lower due to lack of name recognition, but what do I know.

Round 6 - Cornelius Washington, DE - B, 38% - A, 30%; C, 23%; D, 4%; F, 1%

Distinct lack of D and F votes is pretty good.

Round 7 - Marquess Wilson, WR - A, 60% - B, 27%; C, 8%; D, 1%; F, 1%

Draw from that what you will, but that look like a B+/B voted draft to me based on what you guys said. I'll let you tell me, though. How'd the Bears do overall?

If you want a little more meat, the Bears have their confirmed signed undrafted free agent list.

Player Position School
Michael Ford RB Louisiana State
Mark Harrison WR Rutgers
Demontre Hurst CB Oklahoma
Josh Lenz WR Iowa State
P.J. Lonergan C Louisiana State
Zach Minter DT Montana State
Marcus Rucker WR Memphis
Brent Russell DT Georgia Southern
Tress Way P Oklahoma
C.J. Wilson CB N.C. State