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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

The NFL Draft is in the books, but the analysis is just beginning. Check out some of our NFL Thoughts, and be sure to chime in with a few of your own in the comment section.

Could Tim Tebow be the newest Chicago Bears free agent signing?
Could Tim Tebow be the newest Chicago Bears free agent signing?
Rick Stewart

1) At first glance I feel the St. Louis Rams really helped themselves in the draft. Their top five guys should all either start, or contribute immediately. Also there was one mock drafter that predicted the Rams would trade up for Tavon Austin...

2) You have to love the first round from the Minnesota Vikings. I don't think they thought in a million years that Sharrif Floyd would fall all the way to them. Then adding a ready to play corner and moving up to get a wide out that will make an immediate impact just added to their outstanding day.

3) Another team I thought did good was the Dallas Cowboys. Their fans were up in arms over their top two selections, but I think both project to be very good pros. Travis Frederick may have been had later in the draft, but he's a versatile lineman with a genuine mean streak. Their 2nd round pick, Gavin Escobar, is a technically sound receiving tight end that will contribute immediately. Their next three picks should all see the field as rookies as well.

4) One last team I want to spotlight for having a nice draft, is the San Francisco 49ers. They were active with the trades, and that nabbed them a starting safety. The talent rich Niners added depth to their d-line, and picking up Marcus Lattimore in the 4th round is just a brilliant move for the future.

5) I was really surprised the Chiefs didn't move Branden Albert to the Dolphins, or to anyone for that matter. Was a 2nd round draft choice really too big a price to pay for a starting left tackle?

6) Anyone else think Manti Te'o going to the San Diego Chargers is a prefect situation for him?

7) I see another perfect situation with the Philadelphia Eagles taking Matt Barkley. Being a 4th rounder, he'll be able to grow into the starters role.

8) If any player deserves to be the highest paid player in the game, it's Green bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Not surprising, the contract is actually fairly cap friendly (relatively speaking) the next few years.

Rodgers' cap numbers are as follows: $12M; $17.9M; $18.6M; $19.6M; $20.65M; $20.9M; $21.1M.

9) Maybe the reason so many teams passed on picking a QB in the draft, was they were waiting for Tim Tebow to be released by the New York Jets. lists a few possible landing spots for Tebow, including Chicago.

A couple factors here: Marc Trestman worked with Tebow prior to the 2010 draft and held the quarterback's CFL rights as coach of the Montreal Alouettes. Back in January, a source told ProFootballTalk of Tebow's post-Jets future: "Watch the Bears."

I do have a source that tells me the Bears are interested in Tebow, and for the record, I would be OK with this.

10) If you really think Phil Emery is drafting to be the "smartest guy in the room", then you need a reality check. Phil Emery is drafting to win football games. Fans may not like it, he may end up busting his way out of the league, but as one of only 32 people to hold his title, he's not going to get cute with his job.