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Wednesday Night Open Thread: NFL Draft, Community Mock, and Chicago Bears news

We've got a couple of new items for you to check out in tonight's Open Thread.

Jonathan Daniel

As we inch closer to the 2013 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears are in much better position with their roster than they were a month ago. Second year general manager Phil Emery has been very active during Free Agency, and could look in several different directions if he chooses to make a pick at #20 overall in this month's draft.

But he's also said the 'For Sale' sign has been hung if teams are interested in trading up. We'll see.

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Some random links worthy of your mouse clicks tonight:

The NFL bloggers for SBN have been running a mock draft, and you can see it all unfolding here: LINK

We are running a WCG community mock, and still have some slots to be claimed. Click this LINK

For a full rundown of what the Chicago Bears have done during Free Agency, check out this LINK

For a look at the Bears chalkboard from an X's and O's perspective, you can click this LINK

We've got some other material that hits our social media sites that you can't get here on the main site... For our Facebook page, click this LINK, and for our Twitter page, click this LINK

This is your Wednesday night Open Thread... Have fun!