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Is the 20th Pick Too High for Manti Te'o?

One NFC personnel staff member said the 20th pick is "a tad rich" for Manti Te'o. Do you agree?

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

If I read the tenor of the WCG comments correctly, it seems as a group we're generally against the Bears taking Manti Te'o at the 20th pick.

Well, according to Michael Wright over at the four-letter-parody-of-itself, one executive in the NFC said the 20th pick might be "a tad rich." So much so that, Wright theorizes, the Bears could trade back and target him if they had their eyes on him:

So if there's truly a level of interest in selecting the linebacker, the Bears could be pondering ways to move back some to land him. While the 20th pick might be too high to draft Te'o for some, several personnel evaluators consider him worthy of a pick closer to the bottom of the first round.

This doesn't work for me for a couple reasons. I don't have anything against the prospect of trading down, and I don't have anything against the prospect of drafting Manti Te'o. I just don't see why you'd target a player to trade down to grab. Trading down works best when you don't have a single player you're interested in, can afford to pick from a group of players, and can afford to pick up multiple players. If you're targeting a player, you chance giving up that player - you might think you can get a player later than he's available, but other teams aren't beholden to your team's idea of a draft board.

If your trade-back isn't very deep - three or four spots, say - you might be more likely to get away with it, get your player and added picks. But there's always the chance another team will grab that player you had your eye on.

I wouldn't trade back to target a specific player - but if you were in charge, would you? Where would you ideally take Manti Te'o? Who would you take at 20 without trading up or back?