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2013 NFL Draft: What Could the Bears Trade for More Picks?

With only five picks in the draft, we discuss ways the Bears can gain extra picks in the draft.


With only five picks in the draft this year, the Bears' options for younger talent are somewhat limited unless they bring in a large crop of undrafted free agents. That being said, if they wanted to pull in more draft picks for the 2013 draft, they have some parts that might fetch a pick or two.

Matt Forte: Kev broached the discussion possibility on Twitter this morning, and in the discussion that followed, there were a few points made - he was one of the better receiving options on the team, he's been recently injury-prone and commands a pretty fair salary. Unfortunately, "injury-prone" and "pretty fair salary" are usually two reasons I don't want my team trading for a player. He's also got a lot of mileage on him for a soon-to-be sixth-year player. That being said, with the addition of Martellus Bennett, Forte's not likely going to be used as much going downfield - he'll get his touches, but he's either the fourth or fifth receiving option on this team.

That being said, what's behind Forte isn't exactly a lot - Michael Bush is okay, but not special, and Armando Allen's a third back, not a backup. If the Bears were to trade Forte though, they might get back the second they spent on him - might - but more likely a third or fourth.

Devin Hester: I'm pretty sure this is a non-starter, unless a team can be sold on his history and convinced good blocking might revitalize the returner's career. But if a team has good enough blocking, another player might fill the role better anyway, meaning all the Bears would get for Hester is a sixth or seventh-rounder, at best.

Safeties: The Bears are carrying four safeties with some pretty good starting experience, plus the Brandon Hardin Project. Hardin isn't going to start in 2013, but given the depth here, the Bears could trade one for a mid-round pick, were they so inclined, to a safety-needy team.

Henry Melton: He's eligible for a trade since he's signed the franchise tag, and any acquiring team would try to sign a long-term deal immediately. He'd probably bring the most return out of anything here, but nothing to the tune of a first rounder - maybe a second or two mid-lower picks.

2014 Picks: It probably depends on what's available before the Bears start moving these, but it's not out of the question for the Bears to trade to take extra players in a deep top-half of the draft.

What are some other opportunities you like for the Bears to gain extra picks this year? Should the Bears do so?