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The Bears Den: April 08, 2013 - Offseason news and notes

Could Arthur Brown be the future of the Bears' LB corps?


Draft could lock Bears door to Urlacher - Moon Mullin: The Bears would be in succession-plan mode if they go LB early in the draft. That is not a situation where teams would likely add a fourth 30-something LB, regardless of price.

Steven Schweickert: Hasn't the Door Already Closed on Urlacher?

Peter King's MMQB - 2013 NFL Draft lacks elite prospects, but features good depth.

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Current salary cap is a winner for NFL teams - Brad Biggs: Teams are taking advantage of an overcrowded marketplace to stock rosters with experienced players at near-minimum deals, and the Bears are no different.

NFCN Blog - Kevin Seifert's look at the top under-the-radar move made by each NFCN team thus far this offseason. Matt Slauson is playing for half the salary that Miami are giving a rehabbing Lance Louis.

Draft preview - Moon Mullin: The Bears' draft is 'pool' more important than one target, and signs point to them taking a QB in the mid-rounds of the draft.

Draft preview - Michael C. Wright: Draft experts continue to link Manti Te'o to the Bears, but the additions of D.J. Williams and James Anderson, and needs in other areas, appear to make that unlikely.

The Schweick: 20th pick too much for Manti Te'o?

Draft preview - Maggie Hendricks on LB Arthur Brown's fit with the Bears.

Which teams have the best no.2 QBs? - Don Banks takes a look around the league and thinks Josh McCown is no better than a no.3.


Polish sausage

NFP Sunday Blitz - Dan Pompei: A look at the Jaguars' new blueprints; best remaining unsigned free agents and all the latest NFL dope.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Tom Pelissero: Leslie Frazier strongly suggested last month he expects the Vikings to find their new MLB in the Draft; Alec Ogletree and Manti Te'o both attended the Vikings' annual "Top 30" event last week.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Kevin Seifert: Will, or should, Adrian Peterson reach his goal of 2,500 yards on the ground in 2013? Chris Mortensen et al. discuss in the linked video.

Is the read-option here to stay? - After the Bears and Packers were both gashed by Colin Kaepernick last season, Mel Kiper Jr, Chris Mortensen and Trent Dilfer share their views.

My first gridiron game was probably "4th & Inches" on the Commodore 64. There were only two teams, the All-Pros and the Champs; the All-Pros were my team and safety Casper White was my star defensive playmaker.