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Do you think the Chicago Bears will trade the 20th pick?

It's time for the Windy City Gridiron poll of the day...


Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery is on record saying he would like to trade back from the 20th pick in this months draft. And why wouldn't he? Most draft experts are saying this is a very solid draft in the first 100 or so picks, so why not trade back and add a few more rookies to the 2013 roster.

Depending on who is available when the Bears pick, I would love them to move back. If Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper is available you pull the trigger without hesitation. I think Tavon Austin sitting there could be too enticing to pass up for Phil Emery (although I would allow a team to trade up for him if possible). If teams are scared off by Star Lotulelei's heart issue, and he slips to 20, you have to roll the dice on his talent.

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A lot of the other players available towards the end of round one are interchangeable, and by that I mean there are a handful of linebackers and corners that will each bring good value. There are some defensive linemen that will be floating around the end of round one and through the second round that could be rotational players as rookies. Unless you have a guy on your board that you deem too good to pass up, it makes sense to move back.

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It's just not always that easy. Most of the teams in the first round are looking to trade back and with only a few teams looking to move up, the competition is fierce. So if we are to believe that many teams are looking to drop down a few spots, it makes sense that the Bears would be able to find a trade partner to move up.

Last year Phil Emery showed an aggressive side to his drafting when he moved up early in the 2nd round to snag wide out Alshon Jeffery. Maybe there's a guy hovering around the teens that Emery believes will push the 2013 Bears over the top.

If the aforementioned Star Lotulelei is sliding down, do the Bears finagle a trade to move up and take him? If Warmack is falling, as some scouts have predicted, will Emery try and work a deal with Pittsburgh to thwart the Cowboys from talking the Alabama guard at 18?

Then again, maybe he's content to take the best player available at 20. What do you guys think? Do you think the Chicago Bears will trade the 20th pick?

If you think think Emery will move the selection, give us your take on the deal you see going down.