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Friday Night Open Thread: Mark Harrison, Chicago Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Superfans

It's Friday night, and we're so far from real football that we're getting excited about minicamp.


After the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears were among those that went on an UDFA spending spree, and wide receiver Mark Harrison (6'3, 230, Rutgers) garnered a lot of attention due to his size and athleticism.

Unfortunately, Harrison, who recently had surgery to repair a foot injury, was unable to pass a physical. Brad Biggs has the scoop HERE, and mentions that the team will revisit the idea at a later date.

Imagine Harrison being in the same lineup as Brandon Marshall (6'4, 230), Alshon Jeffery (6'3, 216), and potentially Terrence Toliver (6'5, 204) and/or Marquess Wilson (6'3, 194). That's a far stretch, literally, from recent seasons when the Chicago Bears wide receiver corps had an average height of a JV high school team.

Second round draft pick Jonathan Bostic (LB, Florida) has signed a contract (click HERE), and a list of players invited to rookie minicamp can be found HERE.

Moving on, the Chicago Bulls are playing in game three of the NBA playoffs. After winning game one, they got waxed by the Miami Heat in game 2, so we're hoping to see the 1-1 tie tilt in Chicago's favor after tonight. Check out Blog a Bull HERE.

Speaking of playoffs (playoffs?!), the Blackhawks have advanced to the next round, and are hoping to bring home their second Stanley Cup in four seasons. One step at a time though. Visit Second City Hockey for updates HERE.

We have a lot of new members, and for those of you who didn't know, Da Superfans occasionally join us as guest writers. You can find their articles HERE.

Anyways, this is your Friday Night Open Thread... Have fun, and LET'S GO BULLSSSS!