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Chicago Bears Rookie Mini-Camp Day 2 Open Thread

Today's the second day of rookie minicamps, and we're following them with an Open Thread.

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Day two of rookie minicamps isn't the most exciting thing the post-draft NFL offseason has to offer (that's day one of rookie minicamps), but rookie minicamp is the first football-like substance we get, plus there's that whole "only chance to see Kyle Long until training camp" thing. Long, remember, can't participate in OTAs and practices after this weekend until Oregon's finals are completed on June 14th.

I understand the point of the rule (the NFL wants players to complete their degrees and focus on finals), but I find it a little silly that the league does this after having players spend all spring working out at the combine, working out at their pro-days, conducting interviews with NFL teams - you know, stuff that isn't academics. But I digress.

Spongie was kind enough to throw a Den up for you all this morning. Of course, you can find that here.

This is your rookie minicamp day 2 Open Thread. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).