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Bears' Jonathan Bostic and Khaseem Greene Look to Grow Together

The development of the two young linebackers will be key for the Bears now and going forward.

David Banks

Jon Bostic and Khaseem Greene have a pretty unenviable job right now - attempt to fill the void left by Brian Urlacher. (I'm not sure why every article involving linebackers has to mention Urlacher, but here's your obligatory post mention.)

The fortunate thing is that Bostic and Greene get to develop similar chemistry that Urlacher and Lance Briggs developed over their careers. Adam Jahns mentioned this in his article from late Friday night, "Can Jon Bostic and Khaseem Greene Fill the Void left by Brian Urlacher?" (Yep, that's another Urlacher reference.)

Jahns' premise is essentially that these two picks and their development means as much to the Bears' 2013 draft and season as the drafting of Kyle Long does, which I don't disagree with one bit.

Apparently neither does Lance Briggs, who's already looked to take the youngsters under his wing;

More important, they have a similar mentality. Neither comes off as a know-it-all, overconfident college star. They are eager to learn from those front of them — Lance Briggs, D.J. Williams and James Anderson.

Briggs has spoken to Bostic and Greene, telling them what it means to be a Bears linebacker and also leaving a line of communication open for anything.

That's not a bad start. Cornelius Washington is probably doing the same with Julius Peppers, Marquess Wilson with Brandon Marshall, Jordan Mills with Jermon Bushrod, and Long with... um... Matt Slauson?

Jokes aside, a player can do worse than picking the brains of those who've been in the league, and for the Bears' linebacking corps, that could keep a historically strong unit stronger.