The Final 53: Thinking Outside The Box

The Cerebral Twins we have leading the way will again do what they do and step outside the box when putting together our final roster.


1. Jay Cutler

2. Josh McCown

3. Matt Blanchard

Review: It's a possibility we may carry only two quarterbacks and place Blanchard on the practice squad. I'm not sure how that affects his learning and every day presence with the organization. This roster spot may be needed for positions where greater depth is needed.

Running Back

4. Matt Forte

5. Micheal Bush

6. Micheal Ford

Review: If Ford can continue to impress he has a shot to overtake Armando. Ford's ability to be a returner gives him the advantage of Allen.


7. Evan Rodriguez

Review: Some of you mentioned that we don't need to fill a spot for a backup fullback, and I now agree. Hopefully we try to get creative with Bush, if not I fully expect our backup fullback to be on our practice squad.

Tight End

8. Martellus Bennett

9. Steve Maneri

10. Fendi Onobun

Review: Our 4th spot will be held down by Rodriguez. We wont be confined to always having a fullback on the field, nor will we be confined to a dual tight end set. Maneri will be the beef needed for a run set. Fendi will finally take his league experience and his skill set and make the most of it. Fendi may find the field more than Maneri.

Offensive Lineman

11. Jermon Bushrod

12. Roberto Garza

13. Kyle Long

14. J'marcus Webb

15. Johnathan Scott

16. Matt Slauson

17. James Brown

18. Gabe Carimi

19. Eben Britton

Review: This is definitely the hardest battle that will take place. I think our Staff will step outside the box and keep more than normal. What if this battle turns out harder than expected? I think Mills will be placed on the practice squad because of his youth. We've all kind of written off Britton but this guy was drafted high and I would assume he understands whats at stake. If I had to pick between Britton and Carimi I think Britton may be the better, so what about keeping both? We are quick to delete Scott off of this list but he still ended the year as our best RT. There is also a possibility we place James Brown on the practice squad too, but since he wasn't there last year I wont assume him to be down graded this year. Some of you spoke of Slauson playing center, I don't think he will be the backup, but I think like our fullback position our backup center will be placed on the practice squad. No matter whether that turns out to be Boggs, Lonergan, or Ferentz, the fact that their all young enables us to place one or all of them on the practice squad.


20. Major Wright

21. Chris Conte

22. Brandon Hardin

23. Craig Steltz

24. Tom Nelson

25. Tom Zbikowski

Review: I believe we will see a change in what positions we use for special teams. Our team wont be so linebacker and corner heavy anymore. I would take Hardin, Nelson, and Zbikowski over Bowman on special teams any day. There's a possibility Steltz doesn't make the cut but he is the most experienced in the scheme and he comes for cheap.


26. Charles Tillman

27. Tim Jennings

28. Kelvin Hayden

29. Isaiah Frey

30. Reggie Rembert

Review: I believe we keep this list short and sweet. Hayden and Frey are capable of manning the outside as backups. The biggest battle here will be between Hayden and Frey for the nickel position. Some of you may be asking where Bowman is but his only value on this team is on special teams and that can be replaced by one of our safeties. Last year when injurys hit the Bears chose to go with Hayden over Bowman and that tells me all I need to know. I think the biggest surprise on this list will be Rembert. This guy was an All-American. He has completed his two years of service to the Air Force now it's time to get back to the game he loves. He is undersized but he is a physical nickel back with more than enough speed. He also has value on special teams as a returner.

Wide Receiver

31. Brandon Marshall

32. Alshon Jeffrey

33. Earl Bennett

34. Terrence Tolliver

35. Marquess Wilson

Review: This seems kind of short but we will find a way to utilize all of our weapons. The fact that we now have a weapon at tight end takes some pressure off of the receiver position. There is a possibility that Weems pay wont stand in the way of him being cut because his value hasn't seem to match his pay. We may have to have a 6th receiver or we may just keep one of our younger guys on the practice squad. That 6th spot would be held down by either Weems or Brittan.


36. D.J. Williams

37. Lance Briggs

38. James Anderson

39. Jon Bostic

40. Khaseem Greene

Review: After further thought I don't see why we would need a 6th or 7th linebacker. With Bostic and Greene's ability to play multiple linebacker positions what do we need everybody else for. Some of you may be thinking what about extra guys for special teams but that's where our safeties will come in, and Greene and Bostic will be playing special teams too.

Defensive Lineman

41. Julius Peppers

42. Henry Melton

43. Stephen Paea

44. Nate Collins

45. Zach Minter

46. Shea McClellin

47. Corey Wooton

48. Cornelius Washinton

Review: These 8 guys will see plenty of time on the field. I don't think we need a fifth at either DT or DE. People like Turk and Izzy brought position flexibility but that was once needed because others weren't stepping up. I think Minter, Peppers, and Wooten can become and inside pass rusher next to Melton on passing situations. And on the outside I don't see why four wouldn't be able to hold it down. Of course I fully expect a DE to be on the practice squad.

Special Teams

49. Devin Hester

50. Patrick Mannelly

51. Robbie Gould

52. Adam Podlesh

53. ?

Review: That 53rd spot is just an open spot that im unsure what position will fill it.


  • We will have to have a 6th receiver spot (Weems/Golden)
  • We will most likely have 7 offensive lineman rather than 9 (Britton/?)
  • We will probably carry 5 safeties instead of 6(minus Nelson)
  • We will probably add an additional DT and DE (Turk/Moore)

Practice Squad Possibles:

1. Golden Britton-WR

2. Richard Samuel-FB

3. Mark Harrison-WR

4. Markus Rucker-WR

5. Dale Moss-WR

6. James Farentz-C

7. Damontre Hurst-CB

8. Jordan Mills-OT

9. P.J. Lonergan-T

10. Taylor Boggs-C

11. Jon Major-LB

12. Brent Russell-DT

13. Josh Williams-DE

14. Keegan Wetzel-LB

15. Cyhl Quarles-S

16. Tom Nelson-S

53 Man Roster (according to who I have listed as the final 53)

QB: Jay Cutler, Josh McCown, Matt Blanchard

RB: Matt Forte, Micheal Bush, Micheal Ford

FB: Evan Rodriguez

TE: Martellus Bennett, Steve Maneri, Fendi Onobun

WR1: Brandon Marshall, Terrence Tolliver, Marquess Wilson

WR2: Alshon Jeffrey, Terrence Tolliver, Marquess Wilson

Slot: Earl Bennett, Marquess Wilson

LT: Jermon Bushrod, J'Marcus Webb, Kyle Long

LG: Matt Slauson, Kyle Long, Eben Britton

C: Roberto Garza, Matt Slauson

RG: Kyle Long, Gabe Carimi, James Brown, Eben Britton

RT: Jonathan Scott, J'Marcus Webb, Gabe Carimi

DE: Julius Peppers, Corey Wooten, Cornelius Washington, Shea McClellin

3Tech: Henry Melton, Zach Minter, Julius Peppers, Corey Wooten, Nate Collins

Nose: Stephen Paea, Nate Collins

DE: Corey Wooten, Shea McClellin, Cornelius Washinton

WLB: Lance Briggs, Jon Bostic, Khaseem Greene

MLB: Jon Bostic, D.J. Williams, Khaseem Greene

SLB: D.J. Williams, James Anderson, Khaseem Greene

LCB: Tim Jennings, Isaiah Frey, Kelvin Hayden

RCB: Charles Tillman, Isaiah Frey, Kelvin Hayden

Nickel: Isaiah Frey, Kelvin Hayden, Reggie Rembert

FS: Chris Conte, Brandon Hardin, Major Wright, Tom Nelson, Craig Stelz

SS: Major Wright, Tom Zbikowski, Craig Steltz

P: Adam Podlesh

K: Robbie Gould

KR: Devin Hester, Micheal Ford

PR: Devin Hester, Reggie Rembert

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