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Chicago Bears Tim Jennings is #69 in the NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2013

The NFL Network is running down the list of the 100 best players playing in the NFL today, and Tim Jennings is the second Chicago Bears player to show up.


Tim Jennings' 2012 season was a lucky seventh for him. After being a 2nd round draft for the Indianapolis Colts in 2006, Jennings put it all together in 2012 with the Chicago Bears. His nine interceptions led the league, he was voted into his 1st Pro Bowl, he was named 2nd team All NFL, and he was named number 69 in the NFL Networks Top 100 Players on 2013.

Just like the other Chicago player on their list, Lance Briggs at number 83, readers have voted Jennings' placement as being underrated. Do you think Jennings should have been higher?

Jennings is just one of four corners on the list so far, the unemployed Charles Woodson is at 85, Brandon Flowers of the Kansas City Chiefs is at 75, Jennings at 69, and new Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Darrelle Revis is at 67.

So far that's two Bears on the NFL Network list, do you think there will be any others?

In my opinion Charles Tillman is a better football player than Jennings, so he could be on the list at some point. What about Julius Peppers, Matt Forte, or Brandon Marshall?


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