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San Francisco and Houston chosen to host future Super Bowls

Miami is left out of the loop as San Francisco and Houston are chosen to host Super Bowls L and LI, respectively.

Mario Tama

Well, it's official, the Chicago Bears are going to win Super Bowl L in San Francisco, 2016. They will also win Super Bowl LI in Houston in the year 2017.

Well, the Bears victories may not be promised, but those locations are, as reported by the worldwide leader in layoffs, ESPN.

NFL owners were deciding between finalists San Francisco and South Florida for the right to host the prestigious 50th Super Bowl. Owners picked between South Florida and Houston for the 51st Super Bowl.

The general logic is that South Florida got frozen out when they couldn't secure any financing for stadium work. There have been a lot of Super Bowls held there and in New Orleans, but this'll be the first time since 1985 for the Bay Area.

"The Bay Area has been waiting for a [title] game since 1985. We have a stadium now … we are just thrilled and couldn't be happier about this," said Daniel Lurie, a leader of the San Francisco bid.

These new announcements come after some other bold moves by the league. They should be bolstered by what could be a great success or an abject failure - holding the game in a cold-weather stadium, like Super Bowl XLVIII will be in New York in February. This breakaway from the standard locations means that many more cities may have a chance to host, though the sizes and ages of their stadiums will play critical factors.

Don't keep your fingers crossed for that Soldier Field Super Bowl anytime soon. Your fingers might get stuck that way.