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Bears chairman George McCaskey releases statement on Brian Urlacher

The Chicago Bears have released a statement in the wake of Brian Urlacher's retirement from the game, and it really hits home about how much he meant to this franchise.

Jonathan Daniel

Chicago Bears chairman George McCaskey on Brian Urlacher:

"How lucky we were that Brian Urlacher was a Chicago Bear.

"Brian announced his retirement in the same, understated way in which he carried himself at Halas Hall the last 13 years - he simply wanted to be one of the guys and play the game he loves. But his rare ability, work ethic and passion for football put him among the greats to ever play the game. Besides superlative play on the field, he was also the unquestioned leader in the locker room, as well as the sometimes reluctant face of the franchise. Brian is a special person who represented our team and our city with skill and humility while never seeking acclaim or recognition.

"In the pantheon of Bears, Brian has earned his place alongside Halas, Grange, Nagurski, Ditka, Payton - and yes, Bill George, Butkus and Singletary.

We congratulate Brian on a brilliant career and he will continue to be a welcomed member of the Bears Family in retirement."

(h/t to CBS Chicago for transcribing)