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Jim Harbaugh Says Marc Trestman Taught Him Everything He Knows

Marc Trestman continues to draw praise from around the league, as Jim Harbaugh spoke to ESPN Radio about the hiring of Trestman.

Jonathan Daniel

So we know Marc Trestman's a quarterback guru, we know he's won two Grey Cups in the CFL, we know he loves ball, and we at least think he knows football. At least one guy "knows" Trestman knows football. To be fair, that "one guy" made it to the Super Bowl last year.

"Everything wouldn't be an overstatement," [San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim] Harbaugh said. "We use his system still of calling plays and the way he taught us those concepts and techniques. I've used [those] since I coached with the Raiders, the University of San Diego, Stanford and the 49ers."


"Absolutely. Grand slam. That was a grand slam hire. You see the coaches that Marc has put around him, they know football. He knows football."

Yep. That's 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh delivering high praise for the Bears' head coaching hire in a radio appearance on Friday.

"He will do great and talk about long overdue. Marc Trestman becoming a head coach is well deserved, he will do a phenomenal job."

Of course, we won't know how it actually looks on the field until training camp starts in exactly two freaking months. But enjoy the offseason optimism.