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What's the meaning behind your SBN/WCG screen name?

Do you have an interesting reason behind your screen name, or ever wonder the story behinds someone else's? Let's discuss...


Many years ago when blogs and discussion forums started popping up on the internet (fun fact: Open Diary created the first platform where members could comment on other peoples' blogs), there were thousands and thousands of topics that sprouted seemingly over night. If there was a topic that you wanted to chat with other people about, chances are, there was a website for that.

Sports blogging was one of the first to catch fire, and the ability for fans to create free accounts and chat with other fans about their favorite teams is, for some, the greatest part of even having the Internet to begin with.

On that note, we have all created user names (some have created several until they find the one they like the best), and many of them are pretty self-explanatory. A lot of you probably remember my early times at SBN as GeauxBears, as that was my way of showing my fandom to not only the greatest football team in the history of the world, but also to identify my allegiance to the greatest university on the planet as well, Louisiana State University.

Before I was GeauxBears, I had originally joined the network with some other name that I've tried to go back and find, but I honestly can't remember what it was due to being some type of extra-long conglomeration like ChiBears34LSUTigers55 or something another.

For some reason I thought I had to express my fandom through my screen name (GREATEST FAN EVAR), but eventually settled on my real name when SB Nation started becoming more and more visible and transparent on the Web.

So that's mine... What about your screen name? What is the meaning behind your choice of name? And if there are any members that you've seen and wondered about, ask them to explain!

Have fun!