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Saturday Night Open Thread

There's a lot that's happened elsewhere in a busy sports' day. Want to talk about it? Here's your spot!

Jonathan Daniel

There's a lot going on tonight, so we're providing you an open thread for all your non-Bears sports or random talk.

If you're into all things Chicago, the Cubs lost the the Reds, 5-2, while the White Sox are into the second inning against the Marlins, still scoreless.

But more importantly than that, from here on out the Blackhawks play for their playoff lives, as they've fallen to a 3-1 deficit against the Red Wings. They drop the puck at 7:00 CT on NBC. The Penguins already finished off the Senators, taking their series 4-1, and the Rangers currently trail the Bruins 2-1 in their own bid to stay alive.

If you're into soccer, Dortmund lost to Bayern Munich 2-1. If you're into auto racing, NASCAR at Charlotte and the Indy Series' Indy 500 each held their qualifying today, and will run tomorrow. Who do you like in each?

And Cain Velazquez and Antonio Silva fight in UFC 160 tonight. For all things UFC, check out Bloody Elbow.

This is your Open Thread to discuss everything that's going on or that has gone on. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).

For more on tonight's hockey game, visit Second City Hockey for all things Blackhawks and Winging It In Motown for all things Red Wings.

EDIT: Also, I forgot about the Spurs and Grizzlies tonight - I guess that happens when the Bulls are out. Anyway, visit Grizzly Bear Blues and Pounding the Rock for Grizzlies and Spurs information, respectively.