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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

Join us for our special Tuesday edition of our NFL Thoughts. What's been on your mind the past week in regards to the NFL?


1) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is back on his 18 game season agenda again. This time he's claiming to be open to other options, one such option is cutting 2 games from the preseason, but adding teams to the post season. I say enough is enough. I don't think the fans want an 18 game season, nor do I think the fans want an annual parade of 8-8 teams sneaking into the post season.

This is nothing but a money grab by Goodell.

2) One thing the NFL is getting right, is their continued push for HGH testing. It's clearly the PED of choice, and they need to get a test in place.

3) Kudos to Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor for saying his team needs to grow up. The Seahawks seemed primed to be a legit contender in the NFC, but they need some accountability in that locker room. Chancellor seems like the guy to get that message across.

4) Tough break by the San Francisco 49ers in losing Michael Crabtree. He's a talented player for sure, but I don't expect the Niners to miss a beat. That is too good of a team to be derailed by losing a wide out. Someone will step up to fil the void in Jim Harbaugh's offense.

5) A couple weeks ago Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones publicly stated he'd like his quarterback to be more like Peyton Manning, in part because Dallas QB Tony Romo spent more time at the golf course than Jones thought was appropriate. I wonder what Jones thought about Manning's recent comments after shooting a 77 at Augusta?

"What I've known about playing quarterback in a town, it's a routine," Manning said. "There's football, then it's going to play golf with your buddies, taking guys to a baseball game, speaking to schools,"

Is that the "Peyton Manning Time" that Jones had in mind?

6) Last week New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan expressed his displeasure with Mark Sanchez for throwing some interceptions in practice, and on the same day offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg praised Sanchez for his accuracy. This is just typical "good cop / bad cop" coaching, and I wouldn't place much stock into it.

7) Reports out of St. Louis are that the Rams are giving top draft pick, wide receiver Tavon Austin, some reps at running back. I wonder what a good innovative offensive mind would have done with a young Devin Hester?

8) With the Bears announcing that they will not retire any more numbers after they retire Mike Ditka's #89 this December, you have to expect some sort of 'Ring Of Honor' at some point, right?

9) I've long thought that the Bears should put Brian Piccolo's #41 back in circulation, with the understanding that anyone that requests the number will then need to learn the history behind the man, and also become active in the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund.

10) asked question, Who's more vital to the Chicago Bears: quarterback Jay Cutler or running back Matt Forte? In this day and age of the NFL, is this really a relevant question? Unless you have a once in a decade tailback, it's the quarterback. It's always the QB.


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