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Who is your favorite (non-Chicago Bears) player?

Many of us are not only fans of the Chicago Bears, but fans of the NFL. Do you have a favorite non-Chicago Bears player?


If I'm watching NFL football and the Chicago Bears aren't playing, I'm usually just watching whatever game is on. I don't have the NFL package, so I'm at the mercy of the networks. But if by some chance I have a choice between games, I'll gravitate towards the game with a mobile quarterback.

I've always been a fan of the scrambling QBs. Back in the day, guys like Randall Cunningham, Doug Flutie, and Steve Young were must see TV for me when they were playing. I would tune in for Michael Vick during his heyday, and these days it's Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, and Robert Griffin III. And yes, when Tim Tebow was a starting QB, I'd catch what ever games he was playing too.

I'm also a fan of real good offensive line play, so flipping to a Cleveland Browns game to watch left tackle Joe Thomas do his thing isn't out of the norm on a Sunday afternoon. I'm also excited to see this first round rookie tackle class develop over time.

I guess when it comes to my favorite non-Chicago Bears player, I could to cop out, because I really can't pin point one guy. I do like seeing Adrian Peterson run the ball, and watching the precision passing of a top flight QB like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, and I would catch myself turning in to see a highly rated defensive team like the 49ers or Ravens.

I suppose if you were to twist my arm for an answer I'd go with Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. Partly because I like scrambling QBs, and partly because I like his story. From watching him in college I had a feeling if he were drafted by the right team he could be a very good pro, but since he was short (5' 11") for a quarterback he fell to the 3rd round. And even then some draft experts thought Seattle reached for him. Wilson had to beat out a big money free agent QB in Seattle, which he did, and he went on to start every game of the season. His numbers were outstanding, he was an efficient player, and he was a smart player.

So what about you guys? Who is your favorite non-Bears player currently playing in the NFL?