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Chicago Bears 2013 Draft through the board of the Dallas Cowboys

Thanks to our sister SB Nation site that covers the Dallas Cowboys, Blogging The Boys, we have access to the Dallas 2013 draft board, and we'll take a look at how Jerry Jones and company had the Chicago Bears draft class slotted.

David Banks

First off, what an incredible undertaking it must have been from Blogging The Boys to take numerous pictures, and piecemeal together the Dallas Cowboys 2013 draft board. Be sure you head over and check out the entire board to see exactly where they had their draft prospects ranked. It's a really neat peak into an actual NFL War Room.

From a defensive standpoint, the Cowboys and the Chicago Bears are both running a variation of the Tampa 2 defense. The Cowboys will be new to the scheme this season, and the Bears will be running it again, although under new direction from Mel Tucker.

Bears fans are all too familiar with the defense, that looks for speedy defensive ends and quick defensive tackles that are asked to penetrate and maintain one gap integrity. They want a middle linebacker that can drop to a deep middle third between the 2 deep safeties. They need a fast weak side linebacker that can chase and make plays, and they need defensive backs that are smart and disciplined in zone coverage. With both teams running the same D, one would expect their scouts may have similarly rated the defensive prospects.

On offense the Bears will be running new coach Marc Trestman's West Coast Offense, and the Cowboys are an Air Coryell team. While schematically the two Os differ, the similarity they do share is that both have a tendency to get a little pass happy. The WCO is more short passes and get the ball out quick, while the Air Coryell is more deeper routes (think Martzfense).

We'll take a look at the Bears draft class and see how Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys had them on their draft board.

The Chicago Bears select OG Kyle Long in the 1st Round
The Dallas Cowboys gave Long a 3rd round Grade

There was a lot of head scratching at the Bears pick, then after the draft reports leaked out that the Cowboys among a few other teams were targeting Long in the 1st round. Looking at the Dallas board they had Long graded as the 4th guard. With their top three guard prospects off the board, it is possible that they were hoping Long would still be there at the end of the 1st round.

The Cowboys obviously had the interior of the o-line on their mind, as they decided to take their 2nd round graded center, Travis Frederick, with their pick. One of only three centers they had on their board.

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The Chicago Bears select MLB Jonathan Bostic in the 2nd Round
The Dallas Cowboys gave OLB Bostic a 3rd Round Grade

One thing to keep in mind about the Cowboys' grade, is they have a very good middle linebacker in the fold in Sean Lee. That may have been why they had Bostic, and Arthur Brown (another MLB prospect the Bears were linked to), both projected at outside linebacker.

Chicago GM Phil Emery has already said that the versatility of Bostic will allow him to play all three LB position in their 4-3 defense.

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The Chicago Bears select OLB Khaseem Greene in the 4th Round
The Dallas Cowboys gave Greene a 5th Round Grade

I was surprised at Dallas' grade on the natural weakside OLB Greene. I assumed with his experience and athleticism the Cowboys would value him as the Bears did. Then again it's only a one round difference.

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The Chicago Bears select OT Jordan Mills in the 5th Round
The Dallas Cowboys did not have Mills on their Board

Dallas did have four other tackles on their board for the 5th round, and none in the remaining two rounds. Perhaps they are content with veteran RT Doug Free, who took a pay cut to stick around, and youngster Jermey Parnell. Or maybe they just didn't see enough in Mills to bother with him going on their board.

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The Chicago Bears select DE Cornelius Washington in the 6th Round
The Dallas Cowboys gave Washington a 5th Round Grade

Both the Bears and Cowboys saw the freakishly athletic 3-4 DE/OLB from Georgia as a good scheme fit as a 4-3 defensive end. Washington was widely heralded as a good value pick by the Bears, as his potential is very high.

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The Chicago Bears select Marquess Wilson in the 7th Round
The Dallas Cowboys did not have Wilson on their Board

One thing that Blogging The Boys pointed out was the lack of 'character risk' players on their board. Maybe they deemed Wilson's rocky junior year at Washington State too chancy to grade. My guess is a lot of teams took that same stance on Wilson after he quit his team.

We're talking about a player in Wilson that projected to be one of the top wide outs in his class had he stayed in school. Hopefully other teams apprehension about selecting Wilson, will end up giving the Bears a steal of the 2013 Draft.

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So now that you've seen where the Cowboys slotted the Bears draft picks does that alter your expectations for the draft class? Sound off in the comment section...