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Evan Rodriguez Arrested on DUI Charges

Evan Rodriguez was charged with driving under the influence, putting up a BAC of 0.17, more than twice the Illinois legal limit.



Evan Rodriguez is one of those guys that was projected to have a much bigger role in the 2013 offense under Marc Trestman, but his second arrest since the offseason began might be starting to put his roster spot in jeopardy.

Rodriguez was arrested at about 3:30 this morning on I-90 and charged with driving under the influence to go with speeding and improper lane usage. Per Brad Biggs:

After his first arrest in March, prosecutors eventually dropped the charges, but Phil Emery had expressed disappointment and said that Rodriguez was "re-educated on [his] expectations." So far, apparently it didn't take - especially since one of the reasons Rodriguez fell in the draft was because of off-field incidents.

Doesn't the NFLPA have a program for its players so they don't have to get behind the wheel after drinking? Oh wait.