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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

Things are starting to settle down now that the NFL Draft is in the rear view mirror, but we still have some thoughts. Be sure to let us know what's been on your mind the last week surrounding the NFL.

Jonathan Daniel

1) The Brandon Albert saga in Kansas City took an unexpected turn, he's no longer on the trade block, there's now talk of a long term deal, and he's set to man the left tackle spot for the Chiefs. This means that number one overall draft pick Eric Fisher will begin his career as a right tackle, and it should mean that new Chiefs QB Alex Smith is ecstatic to have those two guys protecting the edge.

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2) Luke Joeckel, who went number two to the Jacksonville Jaguars, will also start his pro career with a position switch. He's at right tackle, with veteran Eugene Monroe expected to be manning the left side. I wouldn't be surprised to see marked improvements from whomever is lining up under center for the Jags.

3) Sticking with the Jags, reports out of their rookie mini camp say that former Michigan QB, now Jacksonville RB Denard Robinson, was the best offensive player on the field.

4) I like the New England Patriots trade for LeGarrette Blount, he's a power back that will get work in short yardage situations, and he's plenty good enough to spell starter Stevan Ridley.

5) Outspoken punter Chris Kluwe, who is an interesting Twitter follow, was released by the Minnesota Vikings. As much as some would like to portray the Vikes as cutting ties with a somewhat controversial player, I think his release is more about on field production vs. paycheck, even though he had one of the better seasons in his career.

Klume was set to make $1.45 million in 2013, and that's too much for a punter that ranked in the bottom third of the league. Now if he fails to latch on somewhere else, that will probably be more about the off field stuff.

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6) The NFL needs crazy owners like Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys. After making Tony Romo one of the highest players in the league, he rips him for not being as football focused as he should be. So in a round about way, he called his decision to pay Romo into question. Smart move Jerry.

7) This is interesting. According to Football Perspective, the New England Patriots were leading in every second of their 2012 games by an average of 7.7 points. The Chiefs were a league worst with a -7.3, and the Chicago Bears held an average 3 point lead during every second last season, the same as the Green Bay Packers.

Seriously, check out that link, my Thought does not do that cool stat justice.

8) In case you missed it, Mike Ditka believes that Tim Tebow can play quarterback in the NFL. He also traded an entire draft class for Ricky Williams, so there's that...

9) It was revealed this weekend that Lance Briggs would be making the defensive calls for the Chicago Bears in 2013. This was the obvious, and correct decision to put the Bear defender with the most starts with this defense in charge.

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10) This was an interesting video on, Field, bench, or couch. In it they speculate where unsigned veterans will end up in 2013. The first player that they look at is Brian Urlacher, and they speculate he'll end up not playing, thus on the couch. Where do you see Urlacher next season, field, bench, or couch?

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