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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

Oh no! Kev just stole the weekly post of the Wiltfong. Do Kev and Lester share similar mindsets? Tell us what you think about ours, and let us see some of yours...

Leon Halip

1) With Gabe Carimi going to Tampa Bay, here's some things to remember, Bears fans. The team values a sixth-round pick higher than his chances of being one of the top 8 or nine linemen. If he goes to Tampa and plays well, it doesn't mean he would in Chicago.

More: Gabe Carimi Traded to Buccaneers

2) Deacon Jones was a straight up beast. If you don't believe it, watch the first couple minutes of this video.

3) In 2009, ESPN held a poll asking which young quarterback would you most want leading your offense in the future? The choices? Cutler, Cassel, Rivers, Rodgers and Ryan. Rodgers was dead last on that list. What a difference a few years makes. With hindsight, that's just silly.

4) Dustin Keller partially blames the media spotlight in New York for some of the Jets failings in recent years, saying "There's always some type of nonsense going on...there's always going to be distractions." To which I say, hogwash, and then I say, butt fumble:

If that kind of thing is happening to your team on a regular basis, it's not the media. You're just bad.

5) Titus Young posted bond after spending nearly a month in jail. Good that the Lions used that 2nd round pick on him in 2011. The next receiver taken in that draft was recent Super Bowl champion Torrey Smith of the Ravens. I'm glad the Bears dodged that bullet.

6) Chad Johnson still wants to play football this season, despite nobody wanting him last season. You have to respect the want, but at the same time, when is a man going to learn that he has burned all the bridges you can possibly burn? Not only that, but he seemingly shoveled the ash and disposed of it. Those bridges do not exist anymore, man. Also, NOTE TO CHAD: Going to jail isn't going to help.

7) How long before Michael Vick becomes an issue? He went on record this week saying that he hopes Chip Kelly picks a staring QB before training camp, something he is unlikely to do. Is Vick in a position where he could demand trade or release if he's not named the guy? Which teams would offer anything up at this point? *insert obligatory "They should get Tebow" here*

8) It seems like it has to be constantly said, but maybe no one is listening. Logistically speaking, an NFL franchise in London is setting teams up to fail. If you want to grow your brand in Europe--re-do NFL Europe.

9) Back to Philly...the Eagles are going to upgrade their stadium, apparently wanting to get a Super Bowl. They want to get everyone some wi-fi, but there has been no word on whether they will be upgrading the fans ability to be total a-holes to the team and opposing fans.

10) If you check out out these videos, it becomes increasingly evident that Russell Wilson is an athlete. If he hadn't given up baseball to give football another shot, we could have avoided that time he pantsed the Bears.

10a) Halas - 4th greatest coach of all time? Ugh, it's a list that's hard to argue, but c'mon, man. These guys wouldn't have a job without him.

4th - Halas
3rd - Shula
2nd - Walsh
1st - ??? (Clearly it's Lombardi)