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Patrick Mannelly wins Mt. Lunchpail Round 3: Voting is now open for the final round!

A Chicago Bears Mt. Rushmore is far too easy, so we're going the unconventional route, and looking for four players to adorn our Mt. Lunchpail!

Trucker hat: Check - Bowling shirt: Check - Awesomeness: Check
Trucker hat: Check - Bowling shirt: Check - Awesomeness: Check

Round one saw the Windy City Gridiron faithful vote in a plucky wide out, that fought and scrapped his way onto the Chicago Bears, only to become famous for his fight and scrappy play while on the field.

Round two saw the WCG members vote for an under-appreciated member of the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Bears offensive unit, who was just a no-nonsense, hard working football player.

Round three of the Mt. Lunchpail voting goes to a Bears player that is Legen...

wait for it...

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Some football purists, and old school football fans may not get the love given to "The Mann", and that's OK. The WCG readers have spoken, and Patrick Mannelly is the 3rd face to be chiseled onto Mt. Lunchpail.

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He's been around longer than any other Bear, and by all accounts he a really good guy. Long snapper obviously isn't a glamor position, but if you don't have a good one you will have some issues. Thankfully for the Bears, Mannelly just isn't a good one, he's one of the best.

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He's also been recognized as being one of the most fundamentally sound players in the NFL.

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Or as long time WCG Member, and former Den guru Pete Dixon put it, "(Mannelly) has not mastered any fundamentals. Fundamentals have mastered him."

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Now down to business... We do have a 4th face to add to Mt. Lunchpail, so here are the nominees, and once again, I have dropped a few players from the choices.

Alex Brown (2002-09) - Brown was on the cusp of a Pro Bowl a few times, and he is 4th all time in sacks. He still lives in the area, and can be heard on Chicago talk radio.

Doug Buffone (1966-79) - Buffone played a part of his career in the shadow of Dick Butkus, but he was a very good outside linebacker. His 24 interceptions rank him 8th all time for the Bears. He's best know to this generation of Bear fan from his lively appearances on the Score.

Kevin Butler (1985-95) - He's still the Bears all time scoring leader, and even though he was named 2nd team All Pro by the Newspaper Entertainment Association, I'll allow his inclusion.

Jim Flanigan (1994-00) - Flanigan racked up 40.5 sacks in 108 games for the Bears, good for eighth all time in the franchise's history.

Dennis Gentry (1982-92) - Gentry was named to a few All Pro teams as a returner, but I'll allow his nomination. He was a kick returner, a special teamer, a running back, and a receiver during his Bears career.

Mike Hartenstine (1975-86) - He started eight games on the d-line during the magical 1985 season. His 12 sacks in 1983 was most on a very talented Bears defense.

Hunter Hillenmeyer (2003-10) - Hunter was drafted by the Packers, was cut, then signed on as a reserve LB with the Bears. He became the starting strong side linebacker, and he also filled in the middle from time to time. He was a cerebral player that walked away from the game after suffering a concussion.

Israel Idonije (2004-12) - Very active with charity work in the community, and as an undrafted free agent he's played all up and down the Bears d-line in 134 career games.

Ed O'Bradovich (1962-71) - OB is best known as Doug Buffone's WSCR partner who has an unmatched passion for the Bears, but he was a 10 year defensive lineman for the Bears and a member of the 1963 Championship team.

Brian Piccolo (1966-69 ) - Piccolo is probably the 2nd most nationally know Bear among the nominations for Mt. Lunchpail, but he has a special place in Chicago sports history.

Doug Plank (1975-82) - The famed 46 Defense was named after Plank's #46 jersey. He played a violent safety for the Bears.

Joe Taylor (1967-74) - Taylor was described as a hard hitting safety playing corner. His 15 career interceptions would be higher, but many QBs didn't bother throwing his way.

Keith Van Horne (1981-93) - Van Horne was my first ever favorite Bears player. The first time I saw him stick up for his QB, I knew he was the kind of player for me. He had 169 starts at RT in his 13 year Bears career.

James "Big Cat" Williams (1991-02) - Williams did have the one Pro Bowl, but I'm letting his slide. He was an undrafted free agent that started on the defensive line before moving to right tackle. He started 134 consecutive games at right tackle for the Bears before they released him in 2003.

Once we have a full slate of "our guys", our very own David Taylor will craft the Mt. Lunchpail in all it's glory for us to marvel at.