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Happy Father's Day! What's your favorite sporting memories with your dad?

Let's face it... Dads are pretty much the best superheros of them all, and generally speaking like to do sporting things with their kids. What about yours?

Bradley Kanaris

To all our WCG dads out there: Happy Father's Day! We know you're numbers are mighty, so if you want to share in the comments section whether you're a poppa, and how many kids and grandkids you have, we'd love to salute you.

Most everyone will have some stories and fond memories they can share regarding sporting events they've attended with their dads. Did you grow up with season tickets at Wrigley? Did dad have a game day ritual that involved the family, the house, the meal, the neighbors, and maybe even the dog? Was your dad a quirky fan, a loud fan, or the quiet serial killer type that sat quietly in the corner and dared to be bothered until the game was over?

What are your fondest sports memories with your father figure? We'd love to hear your experiences and memories, and things that you hope get passed down from one generation to the next for the rest of eternity.

Happy Dad's Day, dads. This one's for you!