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Bears Quick Hits: Cutler Must Trust In Trestman, and Briggs Discusses Urlacher

John "Moon" Mullin wrote a few comments about the direction of the franchise, and Lance Briggs spoke about Brian Urlacher during an ESPN luncheon.


John "Moon" Mullin put out a piece about how the Bears franchise will turn based on the trust between quarterback Jay Cutler and quarterback guru Marc Trestman, mostly using the words of noted Trestman-whisperer Rich Gannon.

"In critical situations [the need is to know] that you're going to do the right thing," said former quarterback Rich Gannon who played for new coach Marc Trestman in both Minnesota and Oakland. "That's going to be really important in terms of how the Bears start the season and how they finish the season, that relationship between Marc and Jay."


"It's really important to Marc and all the quarterbacks, that the trust factor is absolutely vital," Gannon said. "All the good offenses that you're around and good quarterbacks in the league, they've got that great relationship with the play-caller. They trust him to do the right thing for him, and also that Marc would trust Jay that if he calls a play and it's not there, that Jay is not going to force the ball down the field - that Jay's going to do the right thing..."

I was taught that if you're going to discuss the franchise, it's going to be in terms greater than the individual coming season. So as far as that goes (and ignoring an amusing typo in Mullin's original piece), of course 2013 depends a lot on how Trestman and Cutler interact - or more importantly, how Cutler interacts with Trestman's offense. Because if Cutler and Trestman don't mesh well - or Cutler doesn't mesh well with Trestman's offense - Trestman and Cutler will likely be parting ways (most likely, Cutler and the Bears will be parting ways).

So in that aspect... the franchise's future will turn as Cutler and Trestman turn? Thanks, Issun. And I don't think this is as much a slight against Lovie as Moon thought it was.

Lance Briggs did a "Lunch with a Legend" segment with ESPN Chicago and spoke fairly candidly about his relationship with Bears icon Brian Urlacher.

"I was a kid coming out of college when I met Brian, and a lot of the older guys were ... we were definitely with the guys that were young in the '90s and older in the millennium, and a lot of those guys were jerks. Those guys were mean. I'm not throwing names out, but the bigger they are, the meaner.

"Brian was always a warming person. We related on a lot of things throughout our years. He was always somebody I can go to. And I always liked thinking I was somebody he could come to. We understood each other very well. We understood each other extremely well.

Of course, those aren't all the comments Briggs made, but check out the piece as well as the accompanying video on the NFC North blog.