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Who is the most underrated Chicago Bears player of all time?

Last week we asked you which current Chicago Bears player was the most underrated, now we want to know which Bear is the most underrated in the history of the franchise.

Harlon Hill, WR - Chicago Bears 1954-61
Harlon Hill, WR - Chicago Bears 1954-61

Last week we had a spirited debate break out about Jay Cutler when we asked you, Which player do you think is underrated on the Chicago Bears?

This week we're asking you to think about the entire 93 year history of the franchise, and tell us who is the most underrated Bear of all time. recently ran down their most underrated Bears ever, and they gave five possible players for you to vote on. We'll touch on the overrated Bears later today, so be sure to stick with the topic at hand in this post.

Here's who they had for most underrated, and a brief snippet of what had to say on each.

Neal Anderson, RB - 1986-93

Anderson took the reins after Payton retired in 1988 and never looked back. Anderson rushed for more than 1,000 yards and at least 10 touchdowns every year from 1988-1990, twice helping carry the Bears to the playoffs where they lost to the eventual Super Bowl champion (San Francisco in 1988, New York in 1990).

Anderson played fullback had some injury issues late in his career, but he was an outstanding all around player. His 302 receptions is 6th all time.

Johnny Morris, WR - 1958-67

His best season came in 1964, when he snagged 93 passes for 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns. Receivers nowadays would kill for those numbers, and Morris did it in an era when quarterbacks didn't throw 40 passes a game. That's some impressive production for 1964.

Some Bears fans may not remember him on the field, but only as a Chicago media personality. Morris is 2nd only to Walter Payton in receptions, and he's #1 in receiving yards.

Alex Brown, DE - 2002-09

Brown was the type of quiet, high-motor player defensive coordinators covet. He was second on the team with seven sacks during the 2006 season, when he also intercepted two passes, forced three fumbles, and batted down four other passes. Talk about productivity.

Brown never made a Pro Bowl, but he was close a number of times. He was a cap casualty when the Bears signed Julius Peppers. I would have loved to see Brown move over to the left DE spot and play with Pep.

Harlon Hill, WR - 1954-61

Hill went to three consecutive Pro Bowls upon entering the league in 1954. Check out these stat lines from 1954 and 1956 respectively: 45 / 1,124 / 12 and 47 / 1,128/ 11.

Hill was the NFL Player Of The Year in 1955, and a trophy of his namesake is given to the top NCAA D2 wide out every year.

Doug Buffone, LB - 1966-79

Buffone started 186 games as a Bear, during which time he recorded more than 1,200 tackles and 24 interceptions (the most by a Bears linebacker in franchise history). That production on an unheralded team is exactly why Buffone makes this list.

The passionate Buffone played on some pretty bad teams (he only saw the post season twice), but he always gave his all on the field.

Those are their five underrated Bears, and now it's your turn. Who do you think is the most underrated Chicago Bears player of all time?

And remember we'll touch on the most overrated later today, so try not to thread jack.

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