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Who is the most overrated Chicago Bears player of all time?

Last week we asked you which current Chicago Bears player was the most overrated, now we want to know which Bear is the most overrated in the history of the franchise.


Last week we wanted to know, Which current player do you think is overrated on the Chicago Bears? And now today we're asking you to think about the entire 93 year history of the franchise, and tell us who is the most overrated Bear of all time. is running a poll with their five most overrated Chicago Bears ever, and asking their readers to vote on the options. Earlier today we asked you who you thought was the most underrated Bear in franchise history, so if you still want to weigh in on that topic go here.

Here are the five Bears came up with, and a little bit of what they had to say on each player.

William Perry, DT - 1985-93

This pick was almost too easy. The Fridge lives on in NFL lore more for his persona than his actual play on the field.

The Fridge is knocked for playing with some legends, but I do think he was a very productive player. Never a Pro Bowler, but he had a solid career. I do agree, his hype far outshines his productivity.

Jim McMahon, QB - 1982-88

The fact of the matter remains that 1985 was his peak. He had career highs in yards and touchdowns, and because of injuries and other mitigating factors was never able to reclaim that magic he had when he played lights out during the Bears' Super Bowl run.

What is this a 'pick on the 85 Bears' list? McMahon was a very popular player, but he was another guy whose celebrity was bigger than his play.

Adewale Ogunleye, DE - 2004-09

Ogunleye had productive seasons, but not enough to warrant what the Bears gave up for him in the trade (Marty Booker and a 3rd round draft pick) or for his contract.

In the underrated portion of the article, they heap praise on the DE that played opposite Ogunleye, Alex Brown. And I agree, Brown was a much better football player.

Nathan Vasher, CB - 2004-09

Vasher signed a nice extension after the Bears' Super Bowl run in 2006. However, injuries and mediocre play prevented him from living up to that contract. Vasher was a solid player, but too many people remember him for his outstanding 2005 season, and not the four average seasons he posted after.

What is this a 'pick on the 06 Super Bowl team' list? I wholeheartedly agree with Vasher's inclusion as a most overrated Bear. He received a bunch of fortunate bounce interceptions, and I always thought Corey Graham should have replaced him after he filled in during the '08 season.

Jay Cutler, QB - 2009-present

Cutler is often regarded as just outside the cusp of the "elite" quarterbacks in the NFL thanks to his cannon arm, but in reality his stats don't merit that level of consideration. Even in 2012, when he was finally reunited with Brandon Marshall, Cutler only threw 19 touchdowns and completed less than 60 percent of his passes.

Oh please, please, please, don't let this turn into another 300+ comment argument about Jay Cutler.

So now it's your turn. Who do you think is the most overrated Chicago Bears player of all time? And remember if you want to discuss the most underrated Bears player ever, go here.

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