A Welcome Change in the NFL

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

While this is more of an NFL wide topic than a Bears topic, I had a passing thought today that it was refreshing to finally see a new wave of minority Quarterbacks given a legitimate shot at the NFL level.

Full Disclosure: I am 100% a "best player" person, and idealistically feel race shouldn't factor in to anything work related - performance is performance. Regardless of my personal feelings, though, there has often been a real or perceived glass ceiling in the NFL in regards to QBs.

I think that trend may finally be ending, as we are entering a new, dynamic age in the NFL when best player will play - regardless of race. I admit I did NOT take the time to do all of the research for years past, but it looks like 2013 could have as much as 25% of the league starting "minority" QBs and I can't remember ever seeing that before. I think its a great thing as a society and for the game because it seems to be based on teams over the last 3 years being far more willing to invest in, and give opportunities to, talented QBs even if they are less traditional in mold or appearance. Take a look at the two lists below, and let me know what you think.

Projected NFL Minority QB Starters (25%):

2014 NFL Draft Projected Top 10 QB Prospects Who are Minorities (50%):

If both of those lists hold true (which never happens due to injuries, down seasons, etc.) the 2014 season could see as many as 13 projected minority starters at the QB position.

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