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Saturday Night Open Thread: Bruins At Blackhawks - Game 5

The biggest thing happening tonight is the Stanley Cup Final resuming tonight with a crucial Game 5 in Chicago, as the Hawks look to take an edge into the final part of the series.


Resuming bringing you the Chicago hockey playoff open thread, because we can. And maybe a little bit because we missed the last game and I feel bad about that.

One thing I don't feel bad about is the Blackhawks coming back to Chicago tied 2-2, regaining home ice advantage in a series that's shown that so far, home ice advantage doesn't matter. And a win today puts them in an oddly familiar situation - up three games to two with a potential series-clincher on road ice. Of course, a loss means the Bruins get a potential series-clincher on home ice.

Hard to believe the latest this series could end is Wednesday, eh?

Feel free to check out our much-promoted SBN affiliates Second City Hockey and Stanley Cup of Chowder for your Blackhawks and Bruins fix, respectively.

This is your open thread for Blackhawks/Bruins, late-night baseball, and anything else that could possibly be happening on a Saturday night. But be honest - you're watching hockey tonight, aren't you.

As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).