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Monday Night Open Thread: Blackhawks at Bruins - Game 6

The Stanley Cup Final's sixth and potentially clinching game is tonight, and star players from each team who were forced from game 5 will both take their places at the puck drop.


I gather there's a major sporting event for the city of Chicago tonight and it doesn't involve the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, or the Rush, as the Chicago Blackhawks attempt to win the Stanley Cup Final in game 6, at Boston.

Scott Burnside of ESPN lists 5 things to watch for in Game 6, the first of which - the status of injured star players - has already been answered positively as far as the Blackhawks are concerned as, reports Scott Powers, Jonathan Toews says he feels great and is ready to go. It's also good news for the Bruins as the team's official Twitter account just announced that Patrice Bergeron is in the lineup for tonight's game.

I've heard some 'Hawks fans say they wouldn't mind it coming down to the wire with a game 7 so the Blackhawks can win at home, others just want to see a victory tonight so the trophy comes back to Chicago. Which side do you fall on?

Feel free to check out our much-promoted SBN affiliates Second City Hockey and Stanley Cup of Chowder for your Blackhawks and Bruins fix, respectively.

This is your open thread for Blackhawks/Bruins and, as always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).

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