So, some hypotheses to test... (Or The Official Discuss Jay Cutler Thread)

Jonathan Daniel

There has been a lot of talk on here about our own Jay Cutler. Is his performance due to Jay being mediocre, or having sub-par/mediocre talent and a sub-par/mediocre play caller. I'd like to a minor study of this issue. I've come up with a few questions and a core question.

Core Question: Who are the best QBs of the modern era, and is there a trend among them with regards to coaching/talent around them?

Subsequent questions:

1. Is there an example of a QB that, based on a coaching change, became an elite performer OR vica versa?

2. Is there an example of a QB that, when paired with better talent, became an elite performer OR vica versa?

An example of 1) would be Aaron Brooks with Mike McCarthy with the Saints in the Early 2000s (perhaps not elite but there is a big difference).

What I'd like from you...

1. Your list of the best QBs of the modern era (say post 1980 or tell me what you believe the modern era is)

2. Further questions that I can investigate.

Editor: Promoted to the front page to be the official place to discuss Jay Cutler. I think many WCG members are a little wary of wandering into an innocent thread only to be bombarded with hundreds of comments about the Bears signal caller, so if you want to rehash the same argument about Jay, do so here. Enjoy.

And while we're at it, let's help out madscout12 by answering his questions.

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