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Which Would You Rather Keep: Lance Briggs or Charles Tillman?

We're having a little friendly in-team competition. Which player of the two presented could the Bears most afford to give up?


Today, I thought we'd get started by playing a game. It's not exactly football, but it's still a game.

It's really simple too - which player, of the two presented, do you think the Chicago Bears would be better off with now and in the future?

And we'll get started with forcing you to choose between Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman. The winner presumably gets to remain a Chicago Bear. The loser, well, maybe he gets sent to play with Israel Idonije in Detroit. And really, this might be as even as it gets.

Lance Briggs made seven straight Pro Bowls as the weak-side linebacker next to Brian Urlacher. He doesn't miss games (four in ten years), he has five interception/fumble recovery touchdowns, and you know he'll be good for usually 90 tackles a season.

Charles Tillman's a turnover machine, who's forced 37 fumbles and 33 interceptions in his career with eight interceptions for touchdowns. He's made two Pro Bowls in his ten-year career with an All-Pro nod last year. Like Briggs, he doesn't miss games (apart from 2004, he's missed 6 games over nine years) and you can pencil him in for 70+ tackles a season.

You get one of the two, Bears fans - which one do you want to keep?