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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

It's time for our weekly staple here on Windy City Gridiron, Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond. Be sure to let us know what you think about ours, and also let us see some of yours...


1) If you drink and drive, you are an ignorant, selfish, prick.

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2) I was never much of a Keyshawn Johnson fan until he chased down Justin Bieber to scold him for driving like an ass. If by some chance you aren't familiar with the story, this will catch you up. One of the fun parts about the story was former NFL running back Eric Dickerson taking to Twitter just to add in his two cents about the spoiled pop stars driving habits. You want a peek into some of the delusional youth of America, check out the tweets that Dickerson was getting from Bieber defenders.

3) If Tim Tebow really wants to play football this season he needs to look into the Canadian Football League. Go up north, get some experience as a QB, and see how it plays out. No NFL team is going to give him a shot in 2013, and there's no point in letting pride ruin a year of his career.

4) Last week new San Diego Chargers DE Dwight Freeney accused the 32 NFL owners of making a secret pact to not spend a lot of money this off season. He might be on to something... Then again, maybe owners are sick of paying exorbitant amounts of cash to players, only to see them rarely put up numbers that justify their giant contracts.

5) Why is Jay-Z's new sports agency garnering so much attention? I can't imagine many sports fans concerning themselves over who represents the players we watch.

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6) Last week former Washington Redskins QB Joe Theismann was shoehorning his name into the media, when he talked up his desire to coach LeBron James to play quarterback in the NFL once the current Heat player retires from the NBA. Theismann is nothing more than a media whore trying to get his name mentioned by various media outlets. He succeded.

7) In a similar vein, former Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb tried to reach out to current Washington QB Robert Griffin III to give the young fella some sage advise. While McNabb may have good intentions, outing RGIII for not returning his advancement to the Washington Post seems like a move to stir up some drama.

8) After adding former Chicago Bears right tackle James "Big Cat" Williams to the nominations list for the WCG exclusive "Mt. Lunchpail", I was pleasantly surprised to see him in in the news today. Big Cat Charities has been helping with "eradicating hunger and homelessness among women, single parents and families" since 2011.

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9) Old school football thinking was if you run the ball and stop the run, you'll win a lot of football games. These days it's all about the passing game, and this neat ranking from CBSSports speaks to that. Pete Prisco ranked teams by QB, pass rusher, corner, and left tackle, to get a Four Pronged ranking. The Bears came in 10th overall with the following individual rankings.

17th QB - Jay Cutler
8th Pass rusher - Julius Peppers
7th CB - Charles Tillman
22nd LT - Jermon Bushrod

What do you think of his lists?

10) Pat Kirwan of CBSSports just did his top 10 worst NFL head coach firings of all time, and no Bears coaches made his list. He did have Lovie Smith in the honorable mention category, but at this point it's far too early to know if that was a wise decision or not.

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