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Who Would You Rather Keep: Jay Cutler or Matt Forte?

We're having a little friendly in-team competition. Which player of the two presented could the Bears most afford to give up?


Today's "Keepers" competition switches to the offensive side of the football - and specifically, the quarterback and the running back. Both are good players with some noticeable flaws, but with the offenses in today's NFL, can you live with one of the players' flaws?

Jay Cutler... Well, what can we say about him that we already haven't? He's not elite, he's not awful, he's got an arm and a plethora of problems surrounding him ever since he came into the organization.

Matt Forte is a very good running back in a league that values the running back position insofar as it means keeping defenses honest - oh, and in case you hadn't heard, he's one of the best receivers out of the backfield with a penchant for failing to score touchdowns on the ground.

The decision is yours, Bears fans. Which player would you rather keep?